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August 2015

Performing Gymnastics Exercises at Home

Gymnastics is a kind of sport that requires the following qualities: strength, flexibility and focus. To be a great gymnast, you must be dedicated to do your workouts and training on a daily basis for you to develop the physical qualities you need to perform better.

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Importance of Flexibility for Young Gymnasts

In gymnastics, flexibility is one of the most important quality every gymnast should possess. Without the proper amount of flexibility, a gymnast will not be able to perform advanced gymnastics skills which usually require a large range of motion in order to be executed properly.

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Gymnastics event breaks attendance record in Indianapolis

Over the weekend, the Indiana Sports Corporation, a non-profit organizer and promoter, assisted the USA Gymnastics to mark a new attendance record for its national championships, which was held last week at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

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