Last night, at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Stuttgart, someone suggested to give Yana Kudryavtseva the title “Yana the Great.”

Yana the Gold might be appropriate, too.

The 17-year-old rhythmic gymnast hoarded another three gold medals at the World Championships during the second night of individual apparatus finals. She has won two individual titles (Clubs and Ribbon) and also got gold with the Russian team.

The two-time world All-around champion, who has successfully proven her superiority in the ball discipline by successfully defending her Ball Title, has been unstoppable in the World Championships so far even amidst an existing leg injury which has kept her out of the Hoop discipline, preventing her from getting a clean sweep of World gold medals.

However, despite the slight leg injury, she has not shown any sign of weakness and still proved her dominance since the beginning of the Championships. In the Clubs discipline, Kudryavtseva was almost perfect, gathering a score of 19.066 points and getting her third consecutive World title with the apparatus.

Being the last competitor to deliver her performance with the Ribbon, Kudryavtseva appeared to slightly revise at the end of her routine, after making a slight mistake on catching the Ribbon’s wand on a throw. Her score, 18.866 was still more than enough to surpass her team mate Margarita Mamun, who garnered a score of 18.850.

“Of course I make mistakes,” the 17-year-old two-time World Champion told the press afterward, insisting that her painful leg injury has deprived her a few days of training before the competition. “I was not too sure of my exercises, so I tried to use my head.” She continued.

Rising star Aleksandra Soldatova, who got a silver medal with the Hoop apparatus, surpassed the score of Mamun to qualify for the Clubs final, garnering a score of 18.583 and getting a silver medal, just behind Kudryavtseva.

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Meanwhile, Ganna Rizatdinova, a rhythmic gymnast from Ukraine, took home the bronze with the Clubs and Ribbon apparatus, scoring 18.566 and 18.383 respectively. Last Tuesday, she also got a bronze medal with the Hoop, and so far she has already hoarded three individual bronze medals in Stuttgart.

I feel really happy,” Rizatdinova said, as she has also won four bronze medals on last year’s World Championships. “It’s always a special moment for a sportsman to be on the podium.”

The team of Kudryavtseva, Mamun and Soldatova also gave the Russians the World team title, decided by the total of the eight highest scores acquired by a country’s gymnast. With a total of 149.990 points, Russia scored more than eight points ahead of Ukraine and Belarus.

“We don’t really think about it in competition,” Soldatova commented on the team title. “We just try to do our work.”

Kudryavtseva, Soldatova and Mamun finished with first, second and third place in All-around qualification, leaving no doubt why Russia won the team title. However, the fight between the silver and bronze medal was a close-fight between Ukraine and Belarus, but in the end, Belarus won the fight with a score of 141.314-141.196.

“It’s kind of a tradition for us to take the silver medal as a team,” Staniouta commented. “But we were nervous, counting every score, and we weren’t sure that we had it until the last second.”

The 2015 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships will continue the individual All-around finals on Friday evening, and the competition will decide which countries will have the first 15 berths to the 2016 Olympic Games.

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