Max Whitlock, a double Olympic medallist, two-time World silver medallist, three-time European Champion, three-time Commonwealth gold medallist and an ambassador of Paul Smith was asked to be lead the campaign for the designer’s new innovation: “A Suit to Travel In.”

max whitlockWhen the athlete was asked to be a part of the campaign, it combined two of his passions; gymnastics and design.

This young athlete is already one of the most successful English gymnasts but he was still surprised to be a part of the campaign for the famous designer brand which features Whitlock wearing a full suit while flexing his prowess on the pommel horse apparatus.

“That was brilliant. We shot that at the beginning of 2015 and now I can’t believe how big it’s got – it’s crazy to see myself on billboards!

“I like to draw a lot to be honest. One of my passions is designing, I just like designing clothes, trainers and things like that.”maxwhitlocksuitIf ever the time comes when his ability to perform medal-winning routines ceases, the 22-year-old young athlete could still enjoy a fruitful career in the field of fashion, but asserted that it’s still far off.

“There are gymnasts out there in their mid-30s who are specialising in one apparatus, but in all-around the typical age tends to be in the late 20s, with the peak age around early-mid 20s. The great thing about gymnastics is that there are six different apparatus, so you can continue to keep going on different pieces.”

Max Whitlock along with his British Gymnastics team mates will proceed to Glasgow later this month to take part in the upcoming 2015 World Artistic Championships, and the city reminds him a lot of happy moments.

“Personally, the Glasgow Commonwealth Games was one of my favourite competitions I’ve competed in so it’s going to be special.”

“Obviously being in Glasgow was nice, it’s not too far for us to travel and we had the home crowd support which was amazing, and then the results were fantastic for everyone.”

This time in Scotland, Whitlock will get to compete against one of his idols — Japan’s Olympic Champion Kohei Uchimura and he acknowledges that it would be a “very hard task” to win against him.

“Every athlete has to think they can win. Hopefully I can go and do a clean competition and if I can do that, then medals will come after that.”

In spite of his success on the pommel horse, the floor and all around routine, the 22-year-old young gymnast is putting an emphasis on a different route this month.
“My own priority is the team event because it’s the qualification for Rio 2016 so hopefully we can qualify with some good performances.”

Whitlock became a part of the men’s senior team in the year 2011 following his fruitful junior career. He became a reserve athlete for the 2011 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and he became a part of the bronze-medal winning team in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

“Going from juniors to seniors was really hard,” the young athlete said. “You need a harder routine and dismount and a whole new set of skills.”

“You go from competing against similar age groups to competing against people of all ages from USA, Japan, and China and all over the world, it’s a huge jump. But it’s what is needed.” he further added

Having attained remarkable amount of feats in his career already, the 22-year-old English gymnast currently enjoys the success that the British Gymnastics has achieved and he anticipates that this would lead to more medals in the future.

“I’m a big believer that success breeds success. With people seeing what is going on at the moment in gymnastics in the country, hopefully this success will continue. The junior squad coming up are looking really strong, it’s great that they’re pushing us and keeping us on our toes.”

While today’s generation of athletes continues to get better and stronger, most of the athletes feel pressured and concerned about the future of their career. However, in the case of Whitlock, he just answered calmly and directly:
“I just want to go on for as long as I can.”

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