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November 2015

Aly Raisman Sets her Eye on Rio Olympics

Aly Raisman, the team captain of the gold medal-winning team at the 2012 Summer Olympics finished a disappointing fifth place at the 2015 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships last month. Despite a major setback at the World Championships, the 21-year-old gymnast still looks forward to give her best shot at the Rio Olympics next year.

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Preventing Wrist Injuries

In a physically-demanding sport like gymnastics, the wrist is the most heavily used body part, often exposed to a tremendous amount of trauma whenever an athlete executes a gymnastics routine.

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22nd Baku Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships takes place in Baku

On November 13 and 14, the 22nd Baku Championships and Competitions for Various Age Groups in Rhythmic Gymnastics took place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Preventing Gymnastics-Related Injuries

In the year 2009, thousands of children aged 14 years and under were taken in the emergency room due to gymnastic-related injuries, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Danielle Prince aims for 2016 Rio Olympics

Danielle Prince, an Australian rhythmic gymnast has competed at the 2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships earlier this year.

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Uchimura and Biles Dominates the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships

Kohei Uchimura is not a fan of a noisy crowd, so the Japanese gymnastic superstar might as well invest in a soundproof earplugs before heading to the 2016 Rio Olympics next year, where he attempts to become the first gymnast to win consecutive Olympic all-around title in nearly 40 years.

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