In a physically-demanding sport like gymnastics, the wrist is the most heavily used body part, often exposed to a tremendous amount of trauma whenever an athlete executes a gymnastics routine.


Whenever a gymnast performs a tumbling or a handstand, the wrist is forced to hold a huge amount of body weight while it is being bent backwards – a position that causes an even larger amount of trauma to the wrist. Aside from that, most of the movements that a gymnast performs requires fast and sudden movements that may bring more stress to the hands and wrist of the athlete.

Being exposed to these kind of stress on a daily basis may cause fractures, sprains and dislocations to a gymnast’s wrist. Luckily, there are lots of exercises that you can perform to prevent your wrist from suffering from these injuries.


Wrist Extensor Stretch

Extend your arms with your elbows straight and palms facing upwards. With the help of your other hand, pull your straightened hand downwards. By doing this, you would feel a slight stretch in your wrist. Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and then do the same with your other hand. Perform three sets of this exercise.

Wrist Flexor Stretch

Extend your hands while maintaining a straight elbow, and then with the use of your other hand, pull your hands backwards. While performing the exercise, you would feel a mild to moderate stretch. Hold the position for about 10-15 seconds before proceeding with your other hand. Three sets of this exercise should be enough.

Resistance Band Wrist Flexion

Grab a resistance band and wrap it around your palms while it is facing up. Keep your elbow at your side and bent at a 90-degree angle, then slowly curl your wrist up, just like performing dumbbell curls. Perform 15 repetitions of this exercise and proceed with your other hand.

Resistant Band Wrist Extension

With your arms facing down, wrap your hands with a resistance band while your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle. After that, curl your wrist up slowly, just like performing a reverse dumbbell curl. Repeat it 15 times before proceeding with your other wrist.

Tennis Ball Squeeze

Squeeze a tennis ball as hard as you can and hold the position for 5-10 seconds and perform 8-10 repetitions. Repeat with your other hand.

shutterstock_195958028Taking care of your wrist is very important as it serves numerous  functions for you as an individual.You should also keep in mind that the exercises mentioned above are meant to prevent wrist injuries and are not designed to cure existing injuries. To cure existing injuries, you should consult a physician and don’t just rely on information found on the internet.

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