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December 2015

Team USA Registry Helps Collect Money for Olympic Hopefuls

Top Olympians can receive a decent amount of money through sponsorships and medal-winning performances. For example, some famous Olympians such as Michael Phelps, a famous professional swimmer, was earning tens of millions of dollars in endorsement deals and other things.

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Max Whitlock Joins The Sports Personality of The Year Shortlist

Max Whitlock is very delighted with the opportunity to get selected as one of the stars nominated for the 2015 BBC Sports Personality of the Year to be awarded in Belfast on Sunday, December 20.

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Queanbeyan Gymnasts Obtains World-Class Coaching

Australian gymnast Kayla Cragg has been studying rhythmic gymnastics since she was a child, at the only gymnastics club in Queanbeyan – the YMCA Queanbeyan. The 15-year-old rhythmic gymnast has gained state representative honors after displaying her expertise in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics on the different parts of Australia.

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Gymnastics can Improve the Brain Function of Children

Did you know that children’s weight and physical activity levels can affect their thinking and learning skills?

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