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January 2016

Ensuring Safety in Gymnastics For Kids

Gymnastics is such a beautiful and fun physical activity. Aside from being such an enjoyable sport, participating in it offers a wide range of health benefits that you can enjoy.

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Improving Focus in Sports

In a physically demanding sport such as gymnastics, staying focused is very important, especially during the performance of a routine. Gymnastics requires a person to become totally involved in what they’re doing, or they’ll end up failing to deliver their move properly.

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Brinn Bevan Received Echo’s Young Sports Personality of The Year Award

18-year old gymnast Brinn Bevan has been awarded with the Young Sports Personality of the Year for 2015.

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Karen Cockburn Headed for Her Fifth Olympic Games

Karen Cockburn, a 35-year-old trampoline gymnast is on her way for her fifth Olympic participation. However, her road for Rio Olympic Games just got a lot tougher – and she’s putting the blame on herself.

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Positive Impact of Sports on Young Children

Tablets, computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles — these are the things that take up most of the time and attention of today’s young generation. In today’s age, these kinds of technologies are the children’s main source of entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with using them as a source of pleasure and amusement, too much exposure to these things could have a negative impact on their health.

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