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March 2016

Top Contenders Gather in Doha To Prepare for Gymnastics Challenge Cup

Top artistic gymnastics contenders have finally arrived in Doha to participate in the 9 edition of the Artistic  Gymnastics Challenge Cup which will take place in Doha’s Aspire Academy tomorrow (March 24).

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Aleksandra Soldatova Achieves Success in Lisbon Rhythmic World Cup

Aleksandra Soldatova, a Russian rhythmic gymnast, extended her continuous wins to three consecutive wins at the recently held Lisbon Rhythmic World Cup, which took place Friday and Saturday at the Capital City of Portugal.

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Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Mental Health

We are all aware of all of the physical benefits exercise can offer to our bodies. It is known that engaging in physical activity, especially on a regular basis, can promote positive effects on one’s physical fitness. Regular exercise can help you lose excess weight, improve cardiovascular function, increase muscle size and strength, keep your body in better shape, and it also promotes better metabolism.

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Pre Workout Foods for Kid Gymnasts

Just like a vehicle, our body needs fuel in order to perform properly. An athlete’s body, especially those who partake in a rigorous and intensive kind of sports such as gymnastics needs to have a constant supply of energy in their bodies to keep going. That is why it is important to be careful about what kinds of foods you are preparing for them, to ensure that they are getting sufficient amounts of high-quality nutrients.

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How To Stay Physically Active While Staying Social

As we get older, we start to see the importance of having a wide social network and staying physically active. Our social circles, specifically our friends and peers, are there to make us laugh, back us up in times of trouble and help us feel and stay happy. In addition, engaging in a physical activity on a regular basis can boost your mood, improve your circulation and help you feel better and healthier.

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