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April 2016

Exercise Can Improve Sleep Quality, Research Suggests

According to a study, taking part in a regular exercise might help people sleep sounder and better. Based on the research conducted, those individuals who met the national exercise guidelines were able to have better sleep and less daytime fatigue compared to those who did not.

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Brazil, Germany, Belgium, France Wins The Final Olympic Spots

Brazil, Germany, Belgium and France acquired the last four qualification spots for the Summer Olympic Games in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the Aquece Rio Test Event last Sunday, while Romania, the only team who managed to climb all the Olympic podiums since the time of Nadia Comaneci, failed to qualify for the Olympic Games.

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Ensuring Your Child’s Sleep Quality

Quality sleep is one of the most important factor a child needs to be successful in sports. While hours of rigorous training and hard work are critical to achieve success in the sport, the body’s need for a good night’s sleep should not be compromised.

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Positive Qualities Being Developed Through Sports Participation

Any kind of sports, whether it is an individual or team-based sports, are a great and beneficial way for children to spend the large amount of energy that they have. Taking part in any kind of sport, especially those that are challenging enough to test the limits of a child’s ability, can serve a lot of benefits to them of which can improve their overall health and well-being.

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Son Yeon-jae To Face Her Toughest Competition in Pesaro

South Korean rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae is about to face her most challenging rivals this season at the FIG World Cup competition, which will take place in Italy during the weekend, as she prepares for the upcoming Rio Summer Olympic Games.

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