Quality sleep is one of the most important factor a child needs to be successful in sports. While hours of rigorous training and hard work are critical to achieve success in the sport, the body’s need for a good night’s sleep should not be compromised.

Sleep, as all of us know, is very important to a child’s health. Getting a quality sleep is very critical in boosting the child’s mental health and alertness, increases the child’s attention span, and allows the child to perform at his/her peak condition.

Sleep is the power source that maintains the clarity, alertness and calmness of your mind. Each time your child sleeps and takes a nap, they’re basically recharging their brain’s battery. Getting a quality sleep, just like how working out builds stronger and bigger muscles, actually helps in increasing your child’s brainpower as it allows them to be physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. Getting enough sleep allows your child to perform at their best.


However, because of the various distractions around our children, most of the time they fail to get proper sleep. In today’s digital world, most children are surrounded by many disturbances, such as late night tv shows, internet and video games, which interrupts them from getting the proper amount of sleep.

These interruptions steal the time your child needs to get the sound sleep they need which, in turn, can negatively affect the quality of your child’s life.

Not getting enough sleep can inflict a lot of harm to your child. It significantly diminishes your child’s energy levels, impairs their cognitive process, and negatively affects their mental clarity.

While these things may appear concerning to you, but you can actually do something about these things. Here are some of the things that you could actually do to ensure that your child will get a quality sleep.

Limit Screen Time

It is not a secret that the reason why most kids stay up late at night is because they are busy being in front of their bright screens. While there is nothing wrong with using these gadgets as a source of entertainment, but too much of a something is always harmful.

Limit the negative effects of these bright screens by limiting the exposure of your child from these things. Restrict them from using their phones or gadgets once it’s almost bedtime, so that nothing can distract them from sleeping.


Set a Comfortable Sleeping Environment

A messy and disorganized bedroom will discourage from child from sleeping. Create a comfortable environment in which a child can properly sleep, and wherein he/she will be uninterrupted. In that way, you could significantly improve the quality of his/her sleep.

Encourage Your Child To Be Physically Active

Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause a lot of negative effects to your child. Too much inactivity and a lack of quality exercise can negatively affect your child’s sleep quality. So, you should encourage your child to take part in a physical activity – such as sports – in order to address this issue.

Participating in a regular exercise program can help your child to fall asleep more quickly, sleep better, stay asleep longer, and feel more refreshed once they wake up.

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