Brazil, Germany, Belgium and France acquired the last four qualification spots for the Summer Olympic Games in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the Aquece Rio Test Event last Sunday, while Romania, the only team who managed to climb all the Olympic podiums since the time of Nadia Comaneci, failed to qualify for the Olympic Games.


Team qualifications give countries the opportunity to send five gymnasts to the Olympic Games this Summer. More than 30 individual gymnasts also earned the chance to come back to Rio this August, which involves Oksana Chusovitina, a 40-year-old gymnast from Uzbekistan who will extend her Olympic journey that started in 1992 Olympic Games, where she acquired the gold medal with the Unified team. The Olympic Games this August will be the seventh Olympic Games of Chusovitina, an impressive record in Gymnastics.

The Olympic winning streak of Romania ends here.

For the country who has acquired a medal at each of the Olympic Games since 1976, the outcome of the event was very heartbreaking. At the Olympic Games this August, Romania will be represented by an individual gymnast, as the Romanian team has failed to execute an outstanding performance at the Test Event.

Romania failed to acquire more than one individual place for a gymnast of their choice at the Olympic Games.

Brazil rises in grace

Brazil acquired their Olympic berth at the actual venue of the Games, the Rio Olympic Arena. From Flavia Saraiva, a Brazilian gymnast who acquired three medals at the previous Youth Olympic Games, to Daniele Hypolito, who turned out to be the first Brazilian gymnast to attain a World medal, the country’s best gymnasts displayed a great performance, acquiring enough score to dominate the Test Event in Rio. Brazil scraped by to win an Olympic berth in London 4 years ago. Not again this time: Brazil has climbed the top of the gymnastics world, might be something to do with the Olympics being held in their own country.

Germany, Belgium and France completes the Olympic Qualification

The German qualification became a difficult start on the Balance Beam, but the team earned enough points on the Uneven Bars, the team’s best event. While Pauline Schaefer had already secured an Olympic spot through her third place finish on the beam at the 2015 Worlds, she will now also be capable of competing in the Olympics together with her teammates.


Belgium and France, which participated in the event later that day, acquired the final two team sports, depriving Australia the opportunity to qualify for the Games. Belgium, who almost qualified to the London Olympics four years ago, seized their chance this time, while France remained mostly consistent to keep its Olympic hopes intact.

There are a total of 98 gymnasts who qualified for the Olympic Games this Summer. All of the Olympic berths are now distributed except one, which is reserved for a gymnast who will be invited by the Olympic Tripartite Commission, in the name of Olympic solidarity.

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