The El Salvador Gymnastics Federation hosted its first International Gymnastics Federation Academy since 2008. The Academy that was hosted this time was a Level 2 Academy for Rhythmic Gymnastics. It was held at the National Gymnastics Centre in the capital city of San Salvador on May 17-24, 2016.

The Academy hosted by the El Salvador Gymnastics Federation was partially funded by the FIG Development Fund for the Pan American Gymnastics Union (PAGU). It was the fifteenth Academy for RG that was organized by the PAGU countries, who have now organized a total of 75 out of the 228 Academies which takes place all over the world. PAGU has often used the FIG Development Fund to financially support the Academies and has now had more than one-third of the 3,300 coaches who have already attended FIG Academies.


Fourteen qualified coaches representing eight FIG member federation of the Pan American Gymnastics Union took part in the said Academy. They are as follows: Boliva, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela. To sum it all up, a total of 459 eligible coaches and over 800 participants have already taken part at the 37 FIG Academies for Rhythmic Gymnastics that was held so far.

Ximena (Mini) Rodriguez of Chile acted as the course leader of the Academy. She often acts as the FIG expert for Academies and age group programs, but always for the Artistic Gymnastics. This time she discussed all of the theory lectures. Two of the experts came from Europe to explain them about all of the technical lectures at this Academy. They were Spain’s Dr. Marta Bobo, who is a well-known Rhythmic Gymnastics judge, coach and researcher and Helena Dias from Portugal who became the country’s national coach. Both of them frequently acts as lecturers and are part of the expert group to demonstrate the new Rhythmic age group development and competition program all over the world.

The results for the FIG Academy was quite varied but in general, most participants got satisfactory to good results. Guatemala’s Barbara Sandoval Maldonado claimed the highest results, while the second top result was tied by Costa Rica’s Natalia Brenes Villarreal and Cecelia Juara Rose of Cuba.

The International Gymnastics Federation expresses their gratitude  to the El Salvador Gymnastics Federation especially the President, Benjamin Chicas Garcia for addressing all the important matters needed to successfully host the program. Also, the FIG wants to thank Laura Sanchez, the federation events coordinator for taking care of all the preliminary correspondence and organization.

This Academy overlapped the FIG Academy for Trampoline Gymnastics in Cuba and another Academy for RG that already started in Venezuela. In the following days, another FIG Academy for Rhythmic Gymnastics will be organized in Bolivia, while FIG Academies for Artistic Gymnastics will be held in Panama and Kosovo.

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