With only 51 days left before the 2016 Olympic Games takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Rio 2016 and the Brazilian Mint have revealed the medals that will be awarded to the Olympic winners.

Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, who also attended the launch event at the Barra Olympic Park said “Today marks the start of the final countdown to the first Olympic Games to be staged in South America.”

Olympic Medals photo credits: Rio 2016

The medals were created to celebrate the relationship between the strength of the Olympic heroes and the forces of nature. The front part of the medals have an inscription of “Rio 2016” which is surrounded by laurel leaves – which is known to signify victory in ancient Greece. The back part of the medal features Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, along with the Panathinaiko Stadium and the Acropolis in the background.

The gold medals that will be received by the top performing athletes are made from gold that is completely mercury-free and  are produced under strict sustainability criteria throughout the process, from the initial mining all the way through to the design of the finished product.

The silver and bronze medals were made using 30 percent recycled materials, while the ribbons that will be used to hang the medals are made from recycled plastic bottles. The cases that will come with the medals, which will serve as their storage, were made from freijó wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The medal trays that the presenters will use to distribute the medals were made of certified Curupixa wood.

A total of 2,488 medals have been produced for the Olympic Games which will take place on 5th of August. This includes 812 gold medals, 812 silver and 864 bronze. Each medal weighs 500 grams each.

Olympic Podium photo credits: Rio 2016

Also revealed at the Barra Olympic Park are the designs of the podiums where the Olympic winners will stand. The podiums are made from organic materials that signifies Brazil’s tropical nature. These podiums are planned to be recycled as furnitures at the end of the Olympic Games.

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