The Head Coach of the Azerbaijani Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, Mariana Vasileva believes that the country’s national rhythmic gymnasts are going to give their best shot at the upcoming Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup Final in Baku. The said event is expected to be held this coming weekend.

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“Azerbaijan in the individual program of the event will be represented by Marina Durunda and Jala Piriyeva, as well as a group, consisting of Siyana Vasileva, Alexandra Platonova, Diana Doman, Zeyneb Celep and Ayshan Bayramova,” Vasileva told Trend yesterday.

According to Vasileva, the FIG World Cup Final serves as the most important competition for the group team this season.

“I believe the Azerbaijani gymnasts will prove that they are strong despite everything. This is the main training for Durunda before the Olympic Games as she will perform in her native city, country, and this is a great responsibility,” said Vasileva.

She also mentioned that Piriyeva, a budding Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics star, must show her remarkable talent and prove that she has a bright future in the sport in spite of her young age.

The Azerbaijan’s national team head coach also mentioned that all the routines of the national athletes are fascinating and complex.

“Durunda always performs well with ribbon,” she said. “Piriyeva will demonstrate very complex exercises with ball and clubs. We hope she will perform the exercises successfully.”

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Vasileva said that this event will be a crucial event in gymnastics, especially the final stage of the competition, where a lot of world-renowned gymnasts will participate.

Several world-class individual gymnasts and team will compete for the final World Cup titles at the final stage in Baku.

“Such world champions as Yana Kudryavtseva, Margarita Mamun and Aleksandra Soldatova, as well as strong teams from Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, China and Japan will arrive in Baku to take part in the competition.”

“The strongest gymnasts will perform in Baku as this is the last competition before the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro,” Vasileva said.

The FIG World Cup Final in Rhythmic Gymnastics will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on 22nd-24th of July, giving the national crowd a chance to witness the strong performances of the athletes from 20 countries two weeks before the Olympic Games in Rio.

On the first two days of competition, a total of 31 gymnasts and 12 teams are expected to fight for the World Cup All-around titles. The apparatus event finals will take place on the final day of the competition.

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