The Bulgarian team displayed strong performances in the Rio Olympic Arena to win the long-awaited Olympic team medal in Rio. The historic award came after the group was shaken by the personal tragedy of Tsvetelina Stoyanova. The young gymnast experienced a psychological breakdown and fell from the sixth floor of a block of flats in Sofia. She is now in a good condition, and is currently recovering and undergoing heavy rehabilitation.

Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Bronze

The Bulgarian team comprised of Mihaela Maevska, Hristiana Todorova, Reneta Kamberova, Tsvetelina Naydenova and Lyubomira Kazanova promised that they would dedicate their medal to Tsvetelina, in case they win one.

At the first half of the competition in Rio, the Bulgarian team is the second leading team, ahead of the defending champion Russia.

Bulgaria continued displaying error-free performances at the second half of the competition, and after executing their routines with no obvious mistakes, the team successfully claimed the bronze medal.

The silver medal went to the Spanish team, who obtained the same overall score as Bulgaria (35.766 points), but had a better performance portion.

The defending champion Russia was clearly the winner of the event. After committing a mistake in their first routine with the ribbons, the team compensated with an impressive display of elegance in 3 Clubs and 2 Hoops, acquiring the highest score in the competition (18.633).

“We are truly happy that our careers will end in this way, that finally our hard work has been rewarded and that we did everything in our powers to improve Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics,” said the team captain of Bulgaria, Mihaela Maevska.

Bulgarian Rhythmic Team

“We cried a lot because of every girl in the individual competition, we were experiencing the competition with them. We were thinking about how much we want an Olympic medal. That’s why today we left our hearts and souls in the competition,” Mihaela added.

“Thank you for staying with us through thick and thin for all these years! We will never forget your support! This win is for you!” the Bulgarian team said.

“I am super happy for these girls and altogether for the whole team and all the work that we’ve done. It was worth it!” said Inna Ananieva, the national head coach of the Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team.

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