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October 2016

Exercise’s Effects To Our Distracted Child

As parents of distracted children, such as those with ADHD or autism, we often wonder how we could contain our children’s excessive energy. We also ask ourselves a lot more questions like should we use only pharmaceutical help? Should we follow special diets or let them take nutritional supplements? Do they need to be disciplined more? Is there an outlet we could teach to our child so he could release his energy there while at the same time being beneficial to him and his condition?

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Ways on How To Boost Our Athlete’s Confidence

Aside for our young athlete’s physical health, their mental health is also important for them to be able to perform stunningly in their chosen sports, particularly in gymnastics. If a child is very shy and feels inferior most of the time, in a sport competition, she would not succeed. She has to have the confidence of one Simone Biles to help her thrive on her chosen sport.

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Asians Prevail In FIG World Challenge Cup 2016

Today, October 10, the 2016 FIG World Cup series concluded the World Challenge Cups in Artistic Gymnastics at Szombathely, Hungary.

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World Ballet Day Live Back For Its Third Year

Today, World Ballet Day Live is back for its third-year of live performances broadcasted through the web so they could reach millions of viewers who are otherwise unable to watch ballet performances in person.

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