Aside for our young athlete’s physical health, their mental health is also important for them to be able to perform stunningly in their chosen sports, particularly in gymnastics. If a child is very shy and feels inferior most of the time, in a sport competition, she would not succeed. She has to have the confidence of one Simone Biles to help her thrive on her chosen sport.

Self-confident people are easily admired by others and also inspire confidence in others. They tend to view their life in a positive light even when things are not going their way. If a challenge presented itself in front of a self-confident person, they would face it head-on because they believe that whatever obstacles come their way, they have the ability to get past them.

If she’s not yet, wouldn’t it be nice to teach self-confidence to your precious athletic child?

This doesn’t just apply to an athletic kid, but especially to a kid wanting to be physically active but couldn’t because they think they can’t do it. As a parent, we should know how to boost the esteem of our children so they would finally go out and join that team he has always wanted to join. Below are a few pointers on how we can help boost the esteem of our children.


  • Really evaluate our child’s inner circle, including friends and family. If anyone of them put him down and shred his confidence, we have to keep him away from them. It isn’t going to be easy, but it is necessary as a break from negative people is one step closer to more self-confidence.
  • We should teach our child to always smile, keep eye contact, and maintain a good posture. Imagine a person who always smiles, has good posture and keeps eye contact when interacting with people. Most of the time, we imagine a confident person. Also, smiling wouldn’t just make our kids confident, but it would also make others feel more comfortable around them.
  • If our child lost a game and he felt down because he thinks it is his fault, by all means we must take all of the negativity out of their head. At first, we should let them know that we believe in them and that they can do anything they set their hearts to. After a while, they can do the positive-thinking on their own.

Remember that instilling self-confidence to our children doesn’t happen overnight. It is a continuous process. Even if our child is already confident, there would always be an instance that he would lose it, like if we got a minor injury, and as a parent we have to be there and boost their confidence once again.


Listed above are just few pointers to help our child be more confident. To read more on the same or different topics, follow our educational blogs or our official social media sites. Learn gymnastics from the best sports academy in Singapore, enroll today at Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy! Join us and learn gymnastics for kids with us!