As an athlete who is physically active almost every day, our kid’s nutritional diet is in fact not enough to achieve the right body growth or right amount of energy needed in their sports. We are already hands-on in preparing their everyday meals and if we have been doing this long enough, we start to memorize all the right kinds of food to allow them to consume. Aside from these foods, however, we also must know all the right kinds of vitamins to supplement our young athletes with when necessary.

In this article, we will learn more about these substances.

Vitamin A

Do you think your kids are sick a lot more often than other kids, making them miss competitions and training? This might be a sign of vitamin A deficiency. Kids who don’t consume enough of this vitamin are always sick because this vitamin is crucial in keeping their immune system strong and healthy. It is a regulator for a lot of genes that helps fight off diseases as simple as colds and even as complicated as cancer.

This vitamin is also helpful in maintaining our kids’ normal vision and in keeping the eyes, teeth, skin and skeletal system healthy. Again, they are kids and their body is still developing, so this vitamin is important to their growth.


As athletes, our kids train almost every day and during these intense workouts, it is impossible not to have microscopic wears and tears in their muscles. Vitamin A also helps in regenerating cells and tissues that will enable our kids to train again the following day and reduce the risks of developing a big muscle tear.

Now if your kids are allergic to a certain food which restricts them from eating some other healthy food, vitamin A can help reduce the occurrence of allergy. Vitamin A is a natural anti-inflammatory that specifically affects the inflammation that happens during a food allergy. Although, it is important to remember that it doesn’t reverse the effects of a food allergy, it only prevents allergies from occurring.

Vitamin B

There are two types of vitamin B and they are B6 and B12.

Vitamin B6 deficiency results in a change in mood into irritability, anxiety and depression, as well as lack of energy, confusion and muscle pains. This is because B6 is a stimulator for the growth of serotonin and norepinephrine, which are the two hormones that boosts our kids’ moods. Vitamin B6 also acts as a natural pain treatment and it is essential in producing enzymes that convert protein to energy, and we know for a fact that our kids need as much energy as they can have so they need this vitamin.

On the other hand, B6 is good for our kids’ heart and digestion. It is the one responsible for ensuring the health of nerve cells and in producing genetic materials like DNA. It protects the nerves and keeps them from harm as much as possible.


Vitamin K

Like vitamin B, vitamin K also synthesizes proteins so they can be used as energy. A deficiency in this vitamin can lead to defective blood clotting, bleeding, and osteoporosis because vitamin K prevents bad blood clot like stroke and it is essential in building strong bones. It is also important in preventing the calcification of arteries and other soft tissues.

To clarify, calcification is when calcium builds in places where it isn’t supposed to be building. This is the cause of major cases like disrupting normal organ functions and getting in the way of blood vessels.

There are three kinds of this vitamin. The first two, K1 and K2 are shown to be the most effective at preventing certain cancers. On the other hand, K3 is not a recommended vitamin and should be avoided because it has shown to have some levels of toxicity.

There are some other vitamins that could be helpful to our child’s diet, but these are just a few. Although all of them are good for our kids, we must always remember that we shouldn’t give them too much of it because anything that is too much wouldn’t be good for our kids.

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