On a previous article, we have listed some upper body exercises for our kids to perform regularly so they would develop strong and lean upper body muscles. Of course, gymnastics is not just a single-area-of-the-body kind of sport, it uses the whole body’s strength and utilizes it so the gymnast can perform amazing routines worthy for the podium. A gymnast is not complete without doing proper lower body workouts for lean muscles.

In this continuation of the previous article, we have collected a couple of exercises that targets the abs, hips, butt, thighs and lower leg. The simple exercises are listed below.


Abs Exercises

There is this stereotype that says people are truly fit when they have a toned abdominal muscles, this is not entirely true. Our kids can be fit without having noticeable abs, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore the abs. Having abs is incredibly important for the overall structure of our athletic kids’ body. Since it is the core, a strong abs makes the whole body much more balanced and structured.

The classic and most common exercise that is done to enhance our kids’ core muscles is of course, the crunches and its different variations. This is very convenient as it can be done almost anywhere our kids can lie down; it doesn’t even need a gym! They just have to lie flat on the ground, bend their knees, put their hand behind their head, start crunching for a couple of reps, and they’ve already done a basic crunch.

Basic crunch might be too easy for some of our kids, so there are other more challenging kinds. Other variation is a twist crunch which is great for lower abs that is generally hard to reach, as well as the laterals. It is performed by lying on the floor and placing both legs over a high bench or stool. With hands on the back of the head, we can assist our kids to raise their upper body to twist to one side. After the first twist, they must go back to neutral and then twist to the other side. This could be repeated for 50 to 60 reps.

There is what is called leg raises, done by lying flat on the ground and lifting both legs at 90 degrees, then slowly putting it down before lifting it up again. Another ab workout that looks just like this is the bicycle crunch which is basically lifting one leg at a time for each curl-up. Both of these are good not just for the abs, but also for the legs.

Hip Exercises

The preceding exercise that is under this category is good for our girls to maintain their strong hips and the muscles around it. A specific exercise for this is standing sidekicks, which is done by standing with feet hip-width apart and hands on the waist. The right leg must be lifted to the sides until parallel to the floor, hold it for one count, slowly lower this, and then lift the other leg.


Another fun exercise for strengthening the hips is the side jump. We must assist our kids in this workout. They must stand with their hands on their hips while their feet are slightly less than shoulder-width apart. While in this position, they should hop three times to the left and land on their left foot with the knee slightly bent. Repeat this by hopping three times to the right and landing on the right foot.

These exercises, like the abs workouts, are not just helpful to our kids’ hips and abs. They also target the legs and the thighs simultaneously.

Butt Exercises

The butt is a pretty important part of the body as it makes the body look more proportional, especially if our kids already have a strong upper body. Some of the exercises that could be done to enhance our kids’ butts are kickback squats and the pigeon pose.

The former is done much like the standing sidekicks, only a little bit different. Instead of standing straight, our kids must bend forward by lifting both hands in front much like a flying superhero. While bending, the right leg must start lifting backwards as well. That position is held for a couple of seconds before going back to the neutral position and doing it again with the other leg lifted.

The pigeon pose is done by sitting on the floor. Now our kids must fold their right leg and place it in front of them. While in this position, they have to push their left leg backwards, then get up and alternate the legs.

Listed above are just some of the exercises we can teach our kids to develop their lower body strength. To learn more about health and fitness, follow our official blogs and social media sites. Enroll today at the best sports academy to learn gymnastics in Singapore — Bianka Panova Sport and Art Academy — and experience the highest quality of gymnastics training and education!