The International Grand Prix Marbella has concluded over the weekend and the Russian team has once again beat most of their competitions both in Junior cup and the Senior events.

In most of the recently concluded Grand Prix stops, it seemed as if the Russians has taken all the glory with all their hard work and years of practice. It all paid off as they won one Grand Prix event after another, as well as the Russian Championships 2017. It was no different in the most recent competition, as the top three most successful gymnasts on top of the podium in the end are, once again, Russians.


Leading the team was Aleksandra Soldatova who was reigned as the queen of this competition. She was hailed as the Champion after winning all four events at the top spot. At the ribbon event, her accumulated score was 19.200. At the ball event, she scored a flaming hot 19.250. As if that wasn’t enough, she topped that at the hoop by accumulating a score of 19.350. Of course, Soldatova wasn’t the crowd favorite for no apparent reason, so she showed her amazing skill in clubs and got her highest score of the event, a 19.500.

At the beginning of the competition, it was immediately obvious that Dina Averina was absent for an unknown reason. To represent the Averinas, Arina has stood up in her place. She made her sister and her countrymen proud by winning the first runner-up. She scored an 18.400 on ball and finished third. At the clubs, she was third once again with a score of 18.800.

The second runner-up was another Russian, Yulia Bravikova. She finished second on hoop with an 18.300. She wasn’t as lucky at the ribbon event, however, because she was at the eight spot with a 16.100.

Second to Soldatova on most of the events was Bulgaria’s pride Neviana Vladinova. At the Grand Prix in Moscow, she finished fourth in the all-around and qualified to all the apparatus finals, winning on places fourth to seventh in them. This time, she made quite a comeback by finishing second on ball, ribbon and clubs. She had an 18.550, 18.200 and 19.100 respectively—the latter in which her difficulty score is an amazing 10.000. She was also third on hoop with another 18.050.

Alina Harnasko from Belarus was third on ribbon with a 17.500, while Israel’s representative Nicol Zelikman finished mostly on fourth. At the ribbon, she accumulated a 17.350, at the clubs she had a 17.350, while at the hoop she scored 17.600. At the ball, however, she was at the seventh spot with 17.300.

These are just some of the results from this event. For a full list of winners, including the junior cup, you can click on this link.

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