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Accusers: USOC To Decertify USA Gym; CEO Penny To Resign

For the past weeks, one of the biggest news about the world of gymnastics is the issue between the USA Gymnastics’ tie with the national gymnastics team’s physician, Larry Nassar, and their legal debacle with regards to Nassar’s sexual abuse cases.

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The Correct Gymnastics Clothes

Gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, requires a whole lot of movements because this is what the sport is all about, the scores are even based on the athlete’s movements. To do said movements with maximum ease and safety in mind, gymnasts have to wear the proper clothes so they could execute their podium-worthy skills without hindrances.

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Olympians Aim At 2017 American Cup Field; Judges In Courses At Baku

Rio 2016 Olympic gold medalists Oleg Verniaiev from Ukraine and Ryohei Kato from Japan looms over all other participants at the American Cup, the first competition of the 2017 International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) All-around World Cup Series.

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2017’s Gymnastics Slogan is “Challenge” –Watanabe

Morinari Watanabe, who took office as president of the International Gymnastics Federation—simply known as FIG—on New Year’s Day, proudly announced on their official website on Tuesday that the word “challenge” would be the slogan of the 2017 gymnastics family.

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