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Accusers: USOC To Decertify USA Gym; CEO Penny To Resign

For the past weeks, one of the biggest news about the world of gymnastics is the issue between the USA Gymnastics’ tie with the national gymnastics team’s physician, Larry Nassar, and their legal debacle with regards to Nassar’s sexual abuse cases.

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Proper Lower Body Workouts For Lean Muscles

On a previous article, we have listed some upper body exercises for our kids to perform regularly so they would develop strong and lean upper body muscles. Of course, gymnastics is not just a single-area-of-the-body kind of sport, it uses the whole body’s strength and utilizes it so the gymnast can perform amazing routines worthy for the podium. A gymnast is not complete without doing proper lower body workouts for lean muscles.

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Simple Exercises for Upper Body Strength

In a sport like gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, it is important for gymnasts to have good upper body strength to be able to perform a routine perfectly. If our kids wanted to be gymnasts and they haven’t enrolled to any class yet, before we enroll them we can begin by teaching them simple workouts they can do at home for a couple of weeks so their bodies are conditioned before joining the sport.

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Exercise’s Effects To Our Distracted Child

As parents of distracted children, such as those with ADHD or autism, we often wonder how we could contain our children’s excessive energy. We also ask ourselves a lot more questions like should we use only pharmaceutical help? Should we follow special diets or let them take nutritional supplements? Do they need to be disciplined more? Is there an outlet we could teach to our child so he could release his energy there while at the same time being beneficial to him and his condition?

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Is Strength Training Safe for Children?

Just as women are afraid weightlifting will make them manly and muscular, parents often fear that weight and strength training might not be ideal and can cause harm to children. As a concerned parent, these reservations can be understandable, but it’s also critically important to set the record straight. In fact, strength training, when done properly, is practically safe and beneficial for young children.

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Encouraging Your Kids to be Physically Active

Teaching your children to be physically is very important for their overall health and well-being. Being physically fit and healthy while they’re young plays a critical role in their development.

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Choosing the Best Sports Academy

Making a commitment with sports and fitness starts with finding the most appropriate sports club that perfectly fits your current lifestyle. However, finding the perfect sports academy is never an easy feat.

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