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Laureus, Added To Biles’ Honors

At the annual Laureus World Sports Awards ceremony on Tuesday night at Monaco, the four-time Rio Olympic champion Simone Biles did it once again! She has been awarded as the World Sportswoman of the Year, alongside fellow American, four-time World Sportsman of the Year Usain Bolt.

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The Correct Gymnastics Clothes

Gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, requires a whole lot of movements because this is what the sport is all about, the scores are even based on the athlete’s movements. To do said movements with maximum ease and safety in mind, gymnasts have to wear the proper clothes so they could execute their podium-worthy skills without hindrances.

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The Connection Between Sports and Sleep

Sleep, like other things our kids’ bodies need, is most of the time overlooked when talking about the factors that contributes to the success of our children in their chosen sports. When talking about health, also, most parents only think about what they feed their children or how much exercise their child does. What most of us parents do not realize is that the amount of time our children spend not exercising or training and is instead spent in sleeping is as important as everything else.

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The Right Kinds Of Vitamins To Supplement Our Young Athletes With

As an athlete who is physically active almost every day, our kid’s nutritional diet is in fact not enough to achieve the right body growth or right amount of energy needed in their sports. We are already hands-on in preparing their everyday meals and if we have been doing this long enough, we start to memorize all the right kinds of food to allow them to consume. Aside from these foods, however, we also must know all the right kinds of vitamins to supplement our young athletes with when necessary.

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The Revolution Of Rhythmic Gymnastics And Ballet

Dance is one of the biggest elements of rhythmic gymnastics, as well as ballet. These two disciplines have been compared against each other by a lot of people and for a lot of times. Those comparisons are warranted, as they have multiple similarities. One of those is that RG and ballet are versatile kinds of sports. Although changes to each of their elements could only be done on performances and not on competitions, this didn’t stop a lot of artists from transforming both sports.

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How Much Is A Young Gymnast’s Daily Protein Requirement?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a mesmerizing and extraordinary sport. Gymnasts’ skills rely heavily on their flexibility skills, balance, and strength that are results of developed muscles. Since gymnasts start their training at an age as early as 3 years old, if their diet is not properly monitored, they might not develop their muscles so well. If a gymnast’s muscle isn’t developed so well, chances are, she is going to have a difficult time doing this sport. This is why it is important to know just how much is a young gymnast’s daily protein requirement.

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Olympians Aim At 2017 American Cup Field; Judges In Courses At Baku

Rio 2016 Olympic gold medalists Oleg Verniaiev from Ukraine and Ryohei Kato from Japan looms over all other participants at the American Cup, the first competition of the 2017 International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) All-around World Cup Series.

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Simple Exercises for Upper Body Strength

In a sport like gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, it is important for gymnasts to have good upper body strength to be able to perform a routine perfectly. If our kids wanted to be gymnasts and they haven’t enrolled to any class yet, before we enroll them we can begin by teaching them simple workouts they can do at home for a couple of weeks so their bodies are conditioned before joining the sport.

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2017’s Gymnastics Slogan is “Challenge” –Watanabe

Morinari Watanabe, who took office as president of the International Gymnastics Federation—simply known as FIG—on New Year’s Day, proudly announced on their official website on Tuesday that the word “challenge” would be the slogan of the 2017 gymnastics family.

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