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China Impresses On Gymnastics World Cup At Doha

The 10th edition of the World Cup in Doha, Qatar concluded on Sunday where the Chinese team showed very promising finishes, claiming half the title available, much like they did in Melbourne last month. Veterans and experienced athletes won their best events and some standouts have emerged as well.

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Alt, Verniaiev Hailed 2017 DTB-Pokal World Cup Champions

German Olympian Tabea Alt and Ukrainian Olympic parallel bars champion Oleg Verniaiev clinched All-Around gold on the second of three FIG All-Around World Cup events this year, the 2017 EnBW DTB-Pokal World Cup held in Stuttgart, Germany last weekend.

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Accusers: USOC To Decertify USA Gym; CEO Penny To Resign

For the past weeks, one of the biggest news about the world of gymnastics is the issue between the USA Gymnastics’ tie with the national gymnastics team’s physician, Larry Nassar, and their legal debacle with regards to Nassar’s sexual abuse cases.

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Coming From Behind: Kapitonova Wins 2017 Russian Championships

The 2017 Russian Artistic Gymnastics Championship has concluded on March 5 in Kazan, Russia with 16-year-old Natalia Kapitonova at the highest podium in the women’s All-Around.

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Proper Lower Body Workouts For Lean Muscles

On a previous article, we have listed some upper body exercises for our kids to perform regularly so they would develop strong and lean upper body muscles. Of course, gymnastics is not just a single-area-of-the-body kind of sport, it uses the whole body’s strength and utilizes it so the gymnast can perform amazing routines worthy for the podium. A gymnast is not complete without doing proper lower body workouts for lean muscles.

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Son Yeon-Jae Officially Puts Down Her Apparatus

A few months after the last Olympic cycle in Rio, more and more Olympians are starting to announce their retirement from rhythmic gymnastics. Early last month, Russian rhythmic gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva has officially announced her retirement at age 19. Last week, it was Margarita Mamun’s turn to be suspected of having been retired, but before that, it was Korean rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-Jae who officially announced her retirement first.

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Laureus, Added To Biles’ Honors

At the annual Laureus World Sports Awards ceremony on Tuesday night at Monaco, the four-time Rio Olympic champion Simone Biles did it once again! She has been awarded as the World Sportswoman of the Year, alongside fellow American, four-time World Sportsman of the Year Usain Bolt.

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The Correct Gymnastics Clothes

Gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, requires a whole lot of movements because this is what the sport is all about, the scores are even based on the athlete’s movements. To do said movements with maximum ease and safety in mind, gymnasts have to wear the proper clothes so they could execute their podium-worthy skills without hindrances.

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The Connection Between Sports and Sleep

Sleep, like other things our kids’ bodies need, is most of the time overlooked when talking about the factors that contributes to the success of our children in their chosen sports. When talking about health, also, most parents only think about what they feed their children or how much exercise their child does. What most of us parents do not realize is that the amount of time our children spend not exercising or training and is instead spent in sleeping is as important as everything else.

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