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How Much Is A Young Gymnast’s Daily Protein Requirement?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a mesmerizing and extraordinary sport. Gymnasts’ skills rely heavily on their flexibility skills, balance, and strength that are results of developed muscles. Since gymnasts start their training at an age as early as 3 years old, if their diet is not properly monitored, they might not develop their muscles so well. If a gymnast’s muscle isn’t developed so well, chances are, she is going to have a difficult time doing this sport. This is why it is important to know just how much is a young gymnast’s daily protein requirement.

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Olympians Aim At 2017 American Cup Field; Judges In Courses At Baku

Rio 2016 Olympic gold medalists Oleg Verniaiev from Ukraine and Ryohei Kato from Japan looms over all other participants at the American Cup, the first competition of the 2017 International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) All-around World Cup Series.

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Simple Exercises for Upper Body Strength

In a sport like gymnastics, be it rhythmic or artistic, it is important for gymnasts to have good upper body strength to be able to perform a routine perfectly. If our kids wanted to be gymnasts and they haven’t enrolled to any class yet, before we enroll them we can begin by teaching them simple workouts they can do at home for a couple of weeks so their bodies are conditioned before joining the sport.

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2017’s Gymnastics Slogan is “Challenge” –Watanabe

Morinari Watanabe, who took office as president of the International Gymnastics Federation—simply known as FIG—on New Year’s Day, proudly announced on their official website on Tuesday that the word “challenge” would be the slogan of the 2017 gymnastics family.

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Keeping Kids Active All Seasons

All over the world, no matter what the season is, toddlers are mostly spending their time strapped on car seats or plopped in front of the TV as we—their parents—get on with our busy schedules. This doesn’t help in their developing motor skills, nor does it help in strengthening their heart, muscles and lungs. This might also set them up for an inactive lifestyle and even obesity as adults, which is widespread in the US.

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Types of Eating Disorders on Gymnasts

On a previous article, eating disorders in gymnasts has been introduced. The reasons why gymnasts are affected by this condition, more than ballet dancers and figure skaters, are also discussed. With all that over, let us now get familiar with the types of eating disorders on gymnasts.

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How Rhythmic Gymnastics is Scored

Countless times we have watched a gymnastics competition, or maybe we have heard of it, especially from the previous Rio 2016 Olympic Games and with Simone Biles or Laurie Hernandez making such noisy names right now. We often get awed once the almost perfect scores are printed on the screen or announced, but do we really know how the gymnasts garnered these points?

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Getting To Know Your Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates is always listed as the most important energy sources for athletes, may it be according to a renowned athletic group, a renowned athlete, a coach, a dietitian or a nutritionist. No matter if our athletic child is a gymnast, boxer, or figure skater, this energy source is so important because it provides their muscles with the fuel they need to work at their best. Including healthy carbohydrates into their sports nutrition diet could help them run, jump, or dodge faster.

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Laurie Hernandez Before and After Olympics

Lauren Hernandez, nicknamed Laurie, is one of the members of USA Gymnastics Team’s Final Five together with the legendary Simone Biles. She won a gold medal in the recently-concluded Rio Olympics 2016 and as if that wasn’t enough, last Tuesday she was also hailed as the Dancing with the Star’s season 23 champion.

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