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Drills For Eye-Hand Coordination Improvement

The sport of rhythmic gymnastics requires its athletes to throw and catch, roll, rotate, and twirl their different apparatus in the air or on parts of their bodies. Because of this, eye-hand coordination is one of the basic skills a beginner rhythmic gymnast must learn before she could do well at her chosen sport. This should go hand in hand with her balance, flexibility, and strength.

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The Connection Between Sports and Sleep

Sleep, like other things our kids’ bodies need, is most of the time overlooked when talking about the factors that contributes to the success of our children in their chosen sports. When talking about health, also, most parents only think about what they feed their children or how much exercise their child does. What most of us parents do not realize is that the amount of time our children spend not exercising or training and is instead spent in sleeping is as important as everything else.

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Getting To Know Your Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates is always listed as the most important energy sources for athletes, may it be according to a renowned athletic group, a renowned athlete, a coach, a dietitian or a nutritionist. No matter if our athletic child is a gymnast, boxer, or figure skater, this energy source is so important because it provides their muscles with the fuel they need to work at their best. Including healthy carbohydrates into their sports nutrition diet could help them run, jump, or dodge faster.

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Exercise’s Effects To Our Distracted Child

As parents of distracted children, such as those with ADHD or autism, we often wonder how we could contain our children’s excessive energy. We also ask ourselves a lot more questions like should we use only pharmaceutical help? Should we follow special diets or let them take nutritional supplements? Do they need to be disciplined more? Is there an outlet we could teach to our child so he could release his energy there while at the same time being beneficial to him and his condition?

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Choosing the Best Sports Academy

Making a commitment with sports and fitness starts with finding the most appropriate sports club that perfectly fits your current lifestyle. However, finding the perfect sports academy is never an easy feat.

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Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Mental Health

We are all aware of all of the physical benefits exercise can offer to our bodies. It is known that engaging in physical activity, especially on a regular basis, can promote positive effects on one’s physical fitness. Regular exercise can help you lose excess weight, improve cardiovascular function, increase muscle size and strength, keep your body in better shape, and it also promotes better metabolism.

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Ellie Black Took Home Silver Medals at 2016 Elite Canada

Canadian artistic gymnast Ellie Black took home three silver medals at the recently held 2016 Elite Canada Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Halifax.

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Brinn Bevan Received Echo’s Young Sports Personality of The Year Award

18-year old gymnast Brinn Bevan has been awarded with the Young Sports Personality of the Year for 2015.

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Positive Impact of Sports on Young Children

Tablets, computers, smartphones, and gaming consoles — these are the things that take up most of the time and attention of today’s young generation. In today’s age, these kinds of technologies are the children’s main source of entertainment. While there is nothing wrong with using them as a source of pleasure and amusement, too much exposure to these things could have a negative impact on their health.

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